Glitter Henna Design

Have your ever heard the phase " Everything looks better with the Bling/Glitter" ?

This works for Henna too...

Adding cosmetic glitter to your wet henna gives it the sparkle and bling that your clients will love.

So how do you make your henna look more beautiful with the addition o Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. f Glitter in it?

1. First you want to start with clean skin before you even apply the henna.  Cleaning the skin with alcohol or witch hazel will remove any oils or sweat from the skin that will cause the glitter to stick where you don’t want it too.   Next, you want to be sure that the henna  paste is still wet when you are ready to apply the glitter.  If you find that your design is taking too long, you can apply glitter as you go along.

2. Good quality glitter is always important.  You do not want to use craft glitter.  It was not meant to be used this way and can scratch or irritate the skin or cause more problems to the sensitive skin.  Only use cosmetic grade glitter that you buy from reputable suppliers like: Henna Caravan, Henna Lounge etc

3. Attractive and drives attention of other goes in the festival who will also come to your booth to get their sparkly henna done..I can say "Free Marketing too" sounds great? I know it does :)

4. Where to get the glitter from?

If you are looking to add on some cool colors to your set, or if you are a beginner henna artist who wants to try out this cool art form, Get in touch with me and i will walk you through the process.



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